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Indian students trapped in Wuhan fear running out of food

Indian students stand outside the foreign dormitory entrance at Wuhan Medical University. 

Fifty-six Indian students have been trapped in Wuhan for three days, with some afraid to leave their dorm room and fearful of running out of food. 

Ganesan Deepshikha, a student at the Wuhan University School Of Medicine, told CNN that the students have been told by the Indian Embassy that they are safe in Wuhan but have not received any assistance.

Normally a transport hub for central China, Wuhan has been closed off from the rest of the country since Thursday -- when the city was placed on lockdown. 

Public transport has been shut down and car travel restricted. 

Deepshikha told CNN that 25 to 30 among the group of Indian students at the Wuhan University are refusing to leave their dorm room, despite having only enough food for one more day.

Two campus hospitals at the Wuhan University have been treating patients suffering from Wuhan coronavirus -- with one such hospital just 300 meters from the dorm where the Indian students have sequestered themselves.

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