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Let’s Have Fun! What Is The Weirdest Name You’ve Saved Someone’s Number With On Your Phone?

Hello Everyone!

If you would agree with me, there are many funny names you can find on people’s phone contacts which leaves you but to imagine how the hell they came about such name
In most cases, people tend to save someone’s name on their phone with the current circumstances surrounding them at that particular time they got the number.

I have seen a Lady who saved a Guy’s name on her phone contact as Yinka Bolisimply because they met at the point where they both wanted to buy Boli (Fried Plantain)

What Is The Weirdest Name You Have Used On Your Own Phone Before?
As for me, the one I can term as the weirdest on my phone is IBADAN SCAM just because she calls me everyday for money and AIRTIME
What about you?

Let’s see yours in the comment box! Leggo!!

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