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Private lesson teacher - Season 1 Episode 10

The second day was market day, sikirat came to my house as usual. This time, she wasn’t looking happy.

ME: sikkybaby, what’s wrong with you?
SIKIRAT: just leave me ooooooooo
ME: what’s wrong?, have I offended you?
SIKIRAT: I heard aunty janet calling you on phone yesterday saying she has reached home. It means she came here

ME: rara oooo, she called me that she wanted to go somewhere, and I told her to let me know when she is back maybe I could come and tutor her. That’s all
SIKIRAT: are you sure?
ME: yes dear. Don’t you trust me again?
SIKIRAT: ****smiles*****, u thought she came here ni, I don’t want to share you with anybody
ME: ****wahala don dey ooo****. Trust me dear .

She smiled, we had a 40mins maths lesson, then a hot 2 rounds of sex before she leaving for market after collecting her earing. Week after week. I continued my tutorial at the white house. I don’t Bleep janet there. Instead, I will do that whenever she
comes to my house. I was always serious whenever I was around. If janet wants to be free with me, she will send sikirat on an errand because I told her that sikirat might inform madam about us. And when its friday nights, I will resume my sexcapades with sikirat. I so much like sikirat because she was
skillful, smart and intelligence, but I love janet because of her milk factory. Sikirat was becoming suspicious about I and janet, but I will keep assuring her that nothing was going on. And she
dare not to confront janet about it. Everything was going smoothly Not until about 4 weeks to jamb when madam called me to see her on a sunday evening and its very important, she was so scary on the fone. I was scared “cheiii, wind don blow, fowl yarnsh don open”.