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Private lesson teacher - Season 1 Episode 8

Surprise Visit
Janet and I continued our discussion on whatsapp, she keeps saying she hasn’t thought about it. I make sure I clear our chats so as to prevent sikirat from going through it.
On the morning of her birthday, I drafted a long romantic message to janet. I went there at noon to give her a gift of 5 pink undies, I remembered her telling me she loved pink colour.

When it was about 4pm after dancing and eating, I told madam and janet that I want to be leaving, but they both insisted that I should sleep over because I have not be using the room I was given, I accepted and collected the keys, then I went straight to my room. Sikirat called and ask me if she could come, I replied her that we may be caught, she reasoned and stayed away from me. After dinner, I went to my room, had a shower, picked up my
phone and playing games. At about 10pm, I got a whatsapp message from janet. “Thanks so much for the gift, its the most romantic I have ever received. I love you so much”. My d!ck
signalled, I screamed “yeeeeess, it worked”

That night, we had our first romantic chats till 12:30am. I told her to put on the pants and show me, she will put then on one after the other, snapped and send to me. I feel like going to meet her in her room, but I must play safe because of madam. I text her to open her door that I want to sneak into her room, she replied that mummy is a light sleeper, I calmed down and remained in my room.

Throughout the week one, the love was so hot in janet, she always act funny to the extent that sikirat is getting

uncomfortable. Then I told janet in one of our conversations

ME: janet, I want us to keep this relationship a secret from sikirat and everyone around.
JANET: why?
ME: you know, she may directly or indirectly tell mummy about it.
JANET: she can’t. She dare not.
ME: even if she can’t, I just want it to be secret whenever I’m in your compound.
JANET: ok.

We continued on our secret affairs in the house. The following week, I invited janet to my house. She promised to show up and I gave her my address.
It was on tuesday. 2 days before the next market day. Janet had informed me earlier that she would be my guest at 11am. She had my address.
I arranged my room, put a clean bed spread on my bed, carefully placed a new pack of CD under my bed, I sprayed air re-freshener . At 9am, I went to a neighbourhood store to purchase alomo. I came back inside and I removed the plastic chair in my
room so that janet will have no choice than to sit on the bed. I inserted a movie disc “Unclad weapon” into my DVD player and paused it at 2mins of play with the mindset of resuming play
when janet arrived.

I was sitting on bed rehearsing on how I will get down to janet’s p@anties. I was thinking of how to make the move, where to touch, topics to bring on, I just had this 100% believe that I must bleep janet today. I decided to play PES on my android to while away time not until about 10:05am that I heard a knock on my door, “ko ko ko”.
I was amazed how janet could smartly locate my house and room, my d!ck signalled, I was so excited within me, I resumed the PLAY button on my DVD.

Who is there?, come in “I said”. When the door was opened, I was shocked. “Sikirat, you never told me you are coming” I yelled at sikirat as she was entering my room.