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Private lesson teacher - Season 1 Episode 13

Time To Move In

Tuesday was the next market day. Sikirat arrived as usual. She was behaving funny. I knew it has to do with what happened yesterday but I decided not to talk, I want her to express herself and finally she did.
SIKIRAT: onihaxy, what is going between you and aunty janet? Be sincere please.
ME: I am her teacher and she is my student.
SIKIRAT: I’m aware of that already, tell me the one I don’t know
ME: and what could that be?,
SIKIRAT: you are pretending abi?, I know you will pretend. Just don’t worry, you hear!!***she hissed and frowned***
ME: **came closer and pet her**, I’m not pretending sikkybaby, Its just that I don’t understand what you are driving at. Can you be elaborate please?

SIKIRAT: ***silence for a while*** ok, what happened in aunty janet’s room yesterday? Because I heard her screaming and m0an!ng before you came out.

ME: ** chaiii, temi bami. Sikirat don catch me red handed”**.

Nothing happened dear. She told me her computer was faulty, so I volunteered to help. That was why I followed her to her room to check it

SIKIRAT: ok, go on
ME: after fixing the system. She told me she wanted to be an actress. She said she went for an audition somewhere.
SIKIRAT: continue
ME: then I asked her what happened at the auditioning, she told me they were told to act a romance scene.
SIKIRAT: ***she was buying the lies*** ok, I’m listening

ME: so she said she was told to act a romance scene with a guy, screamed and m0aned in the scene. So I told her to demonstrate how she did it for me. And that was what led to the sound you heard.

SIkIRAT: are you sure that was what happened?

ME: trust me dear.
SIKIRAT: ok love, I have heard you, I thought both of you bleeped ni **** she hugged me****. So when are you moving into our house?
ME: this weekend.

SIKIRAT: that is good, we will be sneaking into our rooms at midnights.
ME: ***which kind girl be this na?, she wan get me implicated ooo***. That is not a good idea sikirat. Madam will not forgive us if we were caught. Let’s keep maintaining our friday nights only.

Or if we were alone at home.
SIKIRAT: just kidding. I have heard you.
ME: ok sikkybaby

SIKIRAT: one more thing, nothing must happen between you and aunty janet oo. Or else!!!!!
ME: or else what?
SIKIRAT: I will expose all of us. If any janet wants to snatch what belongs to me, I will rather scatter everything, and I mean it.
ME: ****chaii, this girl looks serious ooo,”
She left for market while I kept wondering how my stay will look like at the white house. When it was friday afternoon, I called madam to inform her of my packing in. I picked few shirts, trousers, shoes and cosmetics. White house, here I come..