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The 3 other disturbances in the Atlantic we're watching

Dorian, which just made landfall in North Carolina, isn't the only thing forecasters are watching.
There are three other disturbances in the Atlantic:
  • Gabrielle is a post-tropical cyclone in the middle of the ocean.
  • Off the coast of Africa, there's a disturbance that has a 20% chance of a cyclone forming in the next 48 hours.
  • There's another could-be cyclone closer the Caribbean. That one has only a 10% chance of forming in the next two days.
  • Generally, the Atlantic hurricane season reaches a peak in the eight weeks surrounding September 10.
    Two-thirds of all the storms produced in a typical season occur during this period.
    Here's why: Conditions in the tropics become ideal for storm development during this time. By the end of August, water has typically warmed to the mid-80s in many parts of the region.
    Take a look at when most hurricanes and tropical storms have formed:

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