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Women and their love for bad boys prt2 (read more

Fear of intimacy

Some women have a fear of commitment so they only get involved in relationships they know can never become serious and because bad boys never commit they are the best option for them because they are assured of no attachment.

Physical superiority

Most women are attracted to physically built men and unfortunately most of them happen to be bad boys.

Nice guys are boring

Some women have the tendency that nice guys are boring and they are not as exciting as bad boys and since most of them want thrills and excitement they end up dating bad boys.

Bad guys do not suck up

Bad boys do not have the character of sucking up and apologizing continuously. Bad boys apologize once about a wrong and move on to the next thing, well, mostly. Good guys, on the other hand, tend to dwell on situations even after the woman has forgiven them and moved on. This can be frustrating at times.

Bad boys are authoritative

Bad boys always speak with authority even when they are wrong. A good man will be unsure of himself and often afraid of failing or coming out wrong.

Women love when a man is decisive and stands by his decisions even if it is wrong and they dont agree with it.

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