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Women and their love for bad boys. Prt 1( Read more

Have you ever wondered why the wrong men feel so right? It has been said that ladies are attracted to bad boys. But the truth is, no lady wants a man who will hurt her, abuse her and disrespect her. The "bad" that many women are often attracted to is not a man with bad character, but "bad" in style and personality. A man who is loyal and loving to the woman but has a strong and almost carefree personality; a man who is nicely dangerous and exciting; who brings the good kind of drama and makes her blood run.

Women are generally attracted to the danger associated with bad boys, which creates a thrill which most believe they cannot get with good guys.

Here are some of the reasons why women are attracted to bad boys:

Women never learn a lesson

Women can be hurt over and over again but will continue dating the same type of guy with hopes of finding the right person but always end up dating the same characters over and over again.

Self-esteem issues

Women with confidence issues tend to date men who dont treat them well because they dont feel they deserve to be treated better. However, the conversation has been changing and many women have been learning how to speak up on what they want and dont want as well as what they deserve.

The “I Can Fix him” syndrome

Many a times, women feel the need to fix men who have a broken personality. Bad boys tend to have a sort of tortured edge to them that attracts women. Whereas good guys don’t need fixing, which is why most women aren’t attracted to them.

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