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If You Had The Chance To Travel To USA And Start All Over From Js1, Will You Go?

So guys, this question might look as if it can never happen. Truth is, most of us really want to leave this country.

Yearly, there are tales of Nigerians travelling to Libya and Tunisia which are countries closer to the Mediterranean Sea so they can cross over to countries in Europe.
The situation of this country has frustrated most people, the nation is not moving forward and the only way to escape from these suffering is to travel out of the country. Yet countries like USA and Britain whose visa application process are very hard limit some of us.

Imagine if you finally had the chance to travel to the United States but it’s on the condition that once you get there, you will star
t School from all over again


Consider your  Age and the Educational Qualifications you’ve had so far in Nigeria especially if you’ve completed your BSc  (Remember all that happened to you during your University days) and remember it’s a US Visa to finally escape from the hardship of this country(Bye Bye To Suffering)
Well, if you had the chance to travel to USA but

1 comment:

  1. If I had given a chance to travel to US and start all over I will definitely grab it. It's an opportunity that everybody's dreaming of so why not.