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Short Love

💘Love Means💘

To be in love mean something different,
To each and every person.
Some is romantic and others platonic,
It's never a condition of worsen.

Love is shown by a mother,
To children young and old.
Love is also shown by a friend,
This is something we all want to hold.

But the love that I feel is the greatest,
Is the love we choose to feel.
This is a romantic love,
That often makes us want to squeal.

Of all the ways we can love,
We all should allow in our lives.
It's something that may not come right away,
So enjoy it when it arrives.

💘Understanding Love💘

Love is definitely something,
I didn't understand until,
One day I found myself,
In love and totally fulfilled.

I use to listen to songs,
Of people who were truly in love.
They always sounded so gushy,
I couldn't see what they were talking of.

But now they speak to me,
A good love song can bring me to tears.
It's because I relate this song,
To you who truly cares.

I want you to know now too,
That my love for you isn't just lust.
I love you more than you'll know,
And from me, I hope you can trust.

💘Love and Grace💘 
 Sing me a song,

Of love and of grace.
For you are my love,
And I am your grace.

Together we fit,
Like a foot and a shoe.
You are the right size,
And I match right to you.

How did I survive,
Before I met you?
My life was so empty,
And now I have you.

Sing me a song,
Of love and of grace.
This song I will treasure,
Of us and this place. 


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